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Precision Investment Casting Parts
  • Precision Investment Casting PartsPrecision Investment Casting Parts
  • Precision Investment Casting PartsPrecision Investment Casting Parts

Precision Investment Casting Parts

As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you high quality Precision Investment Casting Parts. Precision investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, is a manufacturing process used to create intricate and precise metal parts. This method is renowned for its ability to produce components with excellent dimensional accuracy, complex geometries, and fine surface finishes.

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Product Description

precision investment casting part is a highly regarded manufacturing process for producing high-quality metal parts with intricate designs and tight tolerances. Its ability to work with a wide range of materials and create complex shapes makes it a go-to method for many high-tech and demanding industries. Ningbo Dyfab Industry Co.,Ltd is a specialized industrial manufacturer in China, that supplies a wide range of custom parts and products. We mainly manufacture precision investment casting parts according to clients drawings and specifications. Our casting parts are used in different industrial machines. We are IATF 16949:2016;  ISO 45001:2018;  ISO 14001:2015;  ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Applications of the precision investment casting parts:

Precision investment casting is widely used in various industries due to its versatility and precision. Common applications include:

Aerospace: Turbine blades, structural components, and engine parts.

Automotive: Engine components, transmission parts, and turbochargers.

Medical: Surgical instruments, orthopedic implants, and dental fixtures.

Industrial: Pump components, valve bodies, and fittings.

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